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Things To Do Around Famagusta


Enjoy Freshly Caught Fish In Bogaz Village


Bogaz Village Fish Restaurants

The best spot on the island to enjoy fresh fish service. Mezes and Main dinners are served by the locals in the restaurants in the Bogaz Village North Cyprus where fish is caught locally.


 Bogaz Village


Feel Historic In Famagusta Town

Famagusta has an amazing range of historical attraction. In fact its one of the most historic parts of the Mediterranean. here are just a few attractions you could visit while you are there.


Othello Tower

Shakespeare's famous ‘Hamlet' play was based on this location. You can visit yourself and imagine the visions of a literary genius.


Othello Tower



Monastery of St. Barnabas

Founded on the site of the Apostle Barnabas, a reminder of the importance Cyprus had on the Christianity in the Mediterranean.


Ruins of Salamis

The greatest ancient city in Cyprus. This is a must see for anyone visiting the island, with much of the city in view such as the Gymnasium, roman baths, amphitheatre, the basilicas, and the forum. History at its best, but don't forget to bring a bottle of water, for those summer days in Famagusta.


 Salamis Ruins in Famagusta



Be Mesmerized By Famagusta White Sandy Beaches


Famagusta Beaches

Some of the most fantastic stretch of sandy beaches are located in Famagusta. However, the ultimate seaside getaway is the area close to the Salamis Ruins which offers the best golden sands to be seen in North Cyprus. This region is approximately 6 miles north of Famagusta centre.


Famagusta Beaches



Beaches in this region include:


Glapsides Beach

This is a free to enter public beach. its well known in the area, for its very spacious setting, miles of white sand, crystal clear waters and very calm waters. this is one the best beaches in the Mediterranean and so well worth a visit.  


karpaz beaches



Palm Beach

Palm Beach is an amazing cove in Famagusta, offering golden sands for holidaymakers. If you make it for sunrise, you won’t be disappointed as its an amazing start of the day.


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