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Activities In Water

There is so much to do in North Cyprus, the list is truly endless. Some of the most popular activities is those in water, and heres a bref list of what you can expect.



Boat Trips


Daily Boat Trips 

Both Kyrenia and Famagusta Harbours have a range of daily boat trips available that are a fantastic chance to spend a day out on the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Great for families, couples and singles, as well as groups of friends, there's simply no denying the joy of cruising past the flawless beaches and crystal clear water that lie around Northern Cyprus. Each cruise will differ from another but generally they will include at least one meal (normally lunch) and have multiple stops on beautiful beaches and bays that allow people to swim, snorkel and play in the water. Often water sports will be available but sometimes at a daily cost, and snorkels and floats are almost always on board, but there might not be a guarantee that there will be enough for everyone. Overall, cruising around the breathtaking coasts of North Cyprus will remind you exactly of why you decided to holiday in such a fantastic part of the world, and help create the sorts of memories that will last a lifetime. 



Water Sports



Fishing and Hunting 

North Cyprus is home to a vast array of underwater life, making it an exciting destination for fishermen. The serene surroundings and warm climate will make the whole experience all the more relaxing, and with the Mediterranean waters being especially clear here you'll be able to spy some of the best catches. There are guided fishing trips available in the area, in which you can go with a group of others and be transported to some of the best spots for fishing, all fishing equipment also provided. There's also the option to perhaps go out on a boat for the day and try out fishing in a different way.

There are over 80 underwater species to be found in this area with some of the most sought after catches being tuna and swordfish. Parrot fish and the red mullet can be some exciting finds and there are even a few octopi about (though these might not be so easy to reel in!) If you prefer to go hunting then you'd be participating in a popular Northern Cyprus sport. Firstly, the rules are that you can only go hunting on a Sunday, and must obtain a licence. Only certain areas are allowed for hunting, and you must be a resident of North Cyprus, so this is mainly relevant if you are thinking of moving to the area. There are plenty of hares and small birds such as partridges and pigeons. If just holidaying here though and unable to get permission to hunt then perhaps try out one of the shooting ranges or the clay pigeon shooting facilities that some places offer (Famagusta and Kyrenia are good places to look.) After a long day of hunting or fishing you can settle down to eat with your fellow party, sharing the meat/fish that you've caught. These activities are strongly related to the traditions of the Cypriot culture and are a wonderful way to bond with those around you! 


Beach Clubs


Aqua parks

With its warm Mediterranean climate a day out at an aqua park is the ideal for both kids and adults. You can spend all day exploring the many varieties of water slide, splashing about in the pools and then having a few snacks (or refreshments for the worn out parents). Octopus Aqua park in Catalkoy area of Kyrenia is a popular choice, with some lovely swimming pools to lounge beside along with the slides for kids to enjoy. There's also a restaurant and bar. Many of the other water parks are within hotels, such as the spectacular Lapethos resort.

There is an aqua park here that includes a semi-Olympic swimming pool, another swimming pool with a grand number of 5 water slides, while kids are spoilt for choice with 8 slides and a pirate ship! There are also some fun water inspired activities optional to guests such as water football, tennis and volleyball as well as entertainment shows and the chance to win prizes in some competitions. The Lapethos is the crime de la creme when it comes to aqua parks and you're sure to have a fantastic day out here. The Acapulco resort also has some great water park facilities, as does Oscars resort, which has three outdoor pools, one indoor, two water flumes and a wave pool. Many of these are in the Kyrenia area. 



Scuba with Turtles



Scuba Diving

North Cyprus has one of the most desired and longest dive seasons in the Mediterranean region. The waters are very clear and the temperatures are warm. Marine life is plentiful which always is a perfect combination for divers looking for natural beauty including sea bream, sea bass, leerfish, octopus, sea turtles, parrot fish, eels and much more.

Scuba diving here is an exciting and colourful experience that presents a unique tropical world to be discovered! The popularity of scuba diving in North Cyprus can be guessed just through the number of diving centres it has. 

In Kyrenia , Famagusta and Karpaz regions of the island alone there are over 10 professional dive centres, waiting for you to explore the underwater life. The centres are all operated by English speaking professionals able to accommodate from beginners to advanced divers alike. They can even give you necessary certification such as the international known PADI, and more such as SSI, and CMAS allowing divers to take the course that more specifically meets their needs and get certified within a few days.

There are over 30 dive sites waiting to be discovered including historic shipwrecks, all available from March to December months.

You can bring your own equipment or rent locally available equipment from retailers in the towns or the dive centres themselves. You can book scuba diving with Direct Traveller from the UK or at the destination. 


Diving points

Diving locations that are popular with divers include locations in Kyrenia, and Famagusta including Zephyros, Mare Monte, Paradise, along with many in the Karpaz region and more.



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